Sunday, January 01, 2006

"Warm my heart. . . "

Beth Gibney asked me to debreif on the first day's training by thinking, "What warmed my heart." I want to share my reflections on this question with all who may find it interesting. I have been in dubai but a short time- but there are so many things that "warm my heart."

1) women have common ground even across oceans: our first activity was to reflect on categories such as "having children. shopping or powerful woman," and despite our perceived differences many of our hopes, dreams and fears are the same. We are different and our environments, religions, nationalities, families and histories have shaped us all- but there is a a currency of womanhood that seems to transfer regardless. . .

2) When closing our first day of training Amal- a DWC student stated that, "she was finding herself", through this Leadership training and any jet lag, fears of influence or discomfort melted away as her preliminary conclusion was worth it All.

3) I am learning as much about Emirati culture as my fellow student leaders: listening to Katie, Emily and Molly's inspiring stories of leadership push me to examine my own models of influence and be a better leader.

4) Despite restraint women in Dubai think critically, want change and most importantly ask for concrete ways to usher that in: My presumption was that it would be difficult to open discussion about a society that was not as receptive to female leadership and advancement-but the DWC students are BOLDLY stating what works, doesn't and asking what WE think could contribute to positive change. . .

5) New Years: All I have to say is "Viva La France," and I love the Al Bustan :)


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