Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Small world

This morning I ran into a friend of mine, a fellow student at MHC. We were chatting about our breaks and she said "I've enjoyed reading the blog, because I grew up in Dubai."

Every day I find more and more coincidences between my life in MHC and my life in Dubai. I knew about three MHC students who were in Dubai for various reasons during our stay there and I'm sure there were more. Seff, Zia, and their children have lasting ties here even though they've settled in Dubai. And now that I am home, I find out that Zainab (with whom I had a class every Tuesday directly before my planning meetings for going to Dubai) is from there.

Growing up in a small town, where everybody has known everybody since they were born, and there was barely any influx, I never would have suspected that the rest of the world was so close.

In summary: I love my life.


Blogger Ninad K Patil said...

there is no thing as distance, world is what we take with us, what i have known staying away.
dubai for indians have a different meaning than for the world especally for mumbai pple

keep posting nice work

11:33 AM  

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