Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Role Model

The idea of a role model are often those people society, history and popular media place up on a pedestal. They are our heroes, our inspiration our oil when the chain of momentum in life seems rusty. They are prolific, larger then life and so great that they're often just outside of our reach- to keep us motivated. Or are they? Today I presented my first individual presentation on "The Art of Communication," and Fatma and Latifa told me after we finished that they were not, "thinking about how to be great communicators but how to be more like me." Such a sincere compliment affirmed the hard work we all have put into this venture but it also led to me reconsider the concept of role model. To a woman my same age with similar aspirations I could serve as a source of inspiration and that comment alone made reminds me of the incredible need for opportunities like this, so that these women may continue to be role models for me and hopefully for one or two of them- I can be too. Often times we measure success by the product that we deliver or in this instance the quality of training we provide the women of Dubai Women's College- but truly success can also be measured by not just what you deliver but what you've received and that has been so much. To think that there are still so many days ahead with new lessons, ideas and stories to exchange. . .


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