Thursday, January 05, 2006


1:00am: Once again, I rely on Molly to save the day and help me with all things related to of Alia's mom playing dress up with us. We were probably more cooperative than her daughters...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight we sadly had to say goodbye to the AMAZING women of MHC. Thank you so much for making the time in your busy schedule to come for dinner, go to the beach, and meeting us tonight. It was great to feel the Mount Holyoke spirit in Dubai! Beth, it was great seeing you again after all these years. Emily, Katie, Molly, and Nicole - it was so wonderful to meet all of you and thank you for the love you showered on Samira and Senai.
We will miss you all! Thanks for the wonderful blog that I read daily. Please stay in touch...
Much love,
Zia, Seff, Samira and Senai Saunders

11:57 PM  

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