Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gratuitous photo post

I'm slowly settling back into being at MHC and getting over jetlag... yesterday I woke up at 6:30 am, but today I somehow slept until 11 am. I start work on Monday, and then I'll really be back here, not just pretending. (of course, I also have to unpack and do a lot of laundry before I get to that point!) Looking over the photos from the last week, I'm amazed to see how much we did in such a short time. Was I really in Dubai just two three days ago?

Look at us on the first day. We've just met up in Amsterdam, and we're exhausted, and we have no idea what's in store for us. But we're excited and eager to go ahead. Now if we can only get some sleep, we'll function again...

Then, of course, there was the phase where we were so excited to be there that we were doing things like taking pictures of the grocery store. Carrefours was a really cool grocery store, though! I promise! It was almost like an outdoor market, only indoors. This is the spice section, full of bags of spices that you could buy by the shovel-full. There was also a huge section of produce from all over the world, and the fish section was tables full of fish, still in their scales, that you could order and have butchered any way you like. And that's just the food... the rest of the store was almost like Walmart or Target but on a smaller scale... you can buy *everything* there!

On New Years day, we went to the beach. Beth and I did a little bit of yoga there. Would you believe, looking at this picture, that this was the worst weather we got while we were there? Also, look at how beautiful the Persian Gulf is!

Now, you might not suspect this from the photos we've been posting, but we secretly did a whole lot of teaching while we were in Dubai... shh! I know, we had you tricked there for a moment, thinking all we did was go to the beach and hang out with cool people. But there was some teaching, on the sly. Just so you know.


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