Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A call to action: January 3, 2005

Members of the Baby Boomer generation can often detail where they were when they learned of President Kennedy's assassination. The shock of that moment recreates smells, sights and sounds that the pain can be relived even now. In my lifetime I doubted the possibility of ever experiencing such an event and the death of recent American leaders affirmed that my reaction would not produce the same result many experienced in the wake of Kennedy's death. Dubai has taught me that my doubts and assumptions are all standing to be reworked, molded, changed and deemed false and the death of Sheikh Maktoum is yet another example.

Sheikh Maktoum is to the people of Dubai like the founding fathers are to most patriotic of Americans. The announcement of his death mid-morning of our training today produced a blanket of sadness and despair that quickly descended over the room and enveloped all of us inside. Did we know this man? No, but we knew the tears streaking the faces of our newfound friends and soon they marked ours too. It seems so ironic that we traveled all this way to teach about leadership and attempt to display the profound effect that a great leader can have on her people--but in that instance we didn't have to say anything. . .there was a living example. I say living because great leaders never really die. They take on the immortal wings of legend, example and praise that transcends time and generations. I couldn't help but wish that one day I would see a great leader pass and have the same reaction because they had done so much for me . . .What a call to action


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I just want to thank you and I'll never forget that day 04/01/06. It reminded me of many dear people I lost.


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