Thursday, December 22, 2005

Home in Iowa

I've just returned home to North-Central Iowa after finishing up my second-to-last semester at Mount Holyoke. It's less than a week before we'll be in Dubai, and it's only now that the business of finals is done that this reality is really sinking in!!

I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity on many levels. I expect to learn as much about myself and my leadership styles as much as I expect to be able to teach the women in Dubai. I've said it before, and I'll say it again that my leadership experiences at Mount Holyoke have helped me to become an empowered and self-confident woman. I am very outspoken and driven; however, one of my reservations (that I know Nicole has voiced as well) is how my leadership style, that has worked so positively in the environment at MHC, will be received in Dubai.

Going into our leadership mentoring, I hope to leave the women in Dubai with not only a sense of what leadership is, and broad ideas about how they can utilize their strengths as women, but with a tangible plan to implement towards some sort of goal they can set with us over the brief time we're there. I'm also anxious to see what issues their goals will address.